the shows



written and directed by Scott Huffman

OCT. 1-3 @ 7:45 PM

In the early 13th century, after two boys claimed to have been visited by God, children across Germany and France made a peaceful attempt to reclaim the holy land. The Crusade was considered disastrous, condemned by the Pope, and resulted in the death of many.

Inspired by the ones who came before, Children’s Crusade follows a band of eight kids from upstate New York as they trek through the country, hoping to part the Atlantic Ocean and reclaim the holy land. After discovering one of them might be a prophet, the group sets out on a journey beyond the only world they’ve ever known. When you’ve been sheltered all your life, what happens when you finally get to decide what to have faith in?



directed by Kyndall Sillanpaa

OCT. 8-10 @ 7:45 PM

1969. Vietnam War. Ghost Tape Number Ten follows a squad of six stranded soldiers trying to survive the night in the V.C. controlled jungle. Tick, Preacher, Hollywood, Sunday, Hill Top, and Railroad have to make it until sunrise.


A modern perspective on the reality of American history, this story considers the interconnectedness of power and morality in a world where death is always looming. From transitions of power to running out of medical supplies, these men must weigh the risks and rewards of fighting this war. What is truly important in a world that's falling apart?