who we are

KYNDALL SILLANPAA | Co-founder/Artistic Director/Resident

Kyndall is a recent graduate of NYU’s Playwrights Horizons Theatre School. She was one of six students to graduate from Tisch Drama with Honors.


An actor turned director, Sillanpaa spent her primary training at the Atlantic Acting School, and her advanced training at Playwrights Horizons Theatre School. Most recently, she directed Nick Payne’s Constellations and Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom, began work on a COVID 19-cancelled production of Duncan Macmillan’s People, Places & Things, and acted in a Greek-language devised adaptation of Hesiod’s Theogony of the Gods in the mountains of Northern Greece.

Sillanpaa focuses on the telling of counternarratives in order to bring to life the stories that have historically been ignored. With a minimalist directorial aesthetic, she gravitates toward texts and subject matter that walk the line between the intellectually philosophical and physically visceral experiences of life. Unafraid of confronting anger, violence, and pain, her work frequently chases the need to understand the complexities of what it means to be alive.

SAM McHALE | Co-founder/Company Manager/Resident

Sam McHale is a recent graduate from NYU Tisch Drama, where he studied directing at the Playwrights Horizons Theater School. He is primarily a director and producer and also works as a sound designer, projection designer, and video artist. As a theatre-maker, he is interested in exploring how new technology can evolve the storytelling methods used in theatre. Beyond his own work, he is passionate about working alongside close collaborators as a producer to bring to life new works that reframe how audiences come to experience performance.


Beyond the artistic work he's doing at The Hundreth Hill, he is handling all finances for the residency and working with Krista Detor and the other residents to manage day-to-day operations. 

KELLEN SILLANPAA | Public Relations Specialist

Sillanpaa graduated from the University of  Pennsylvania with Honors in 2018. In the last several years, he’s rebranded a high-profile collegiate baseball club, conducted outreach for a non-profit in Philadelphia, and given live presentations for the state of California to help preschool programs in underserved communities secure essential funding. At The Hundredth Hill, Sillanpaa maintains the website and social media channels, is working to establish a series of free workshops for young Bloomington theatre-makers, and has landed the residency several pieces in both national and local publications.


Scott Huffman is a queer playwright trying his best to hide his Long Island accent. His work tends to focus on youths, Greeks, gaymers, and learning how to convey emotion when words don’t come easy to you. He always tries to make art that leaves the audience thinking or feeling. His goal, at the end of the day, is to make the work connect with even one person in the audience.


To Jess, being an art maker means being curious about the world. To not accept those things in life we hold to be absolutely true - rules, habits, concepts - but to interrogate them. Jess is incapable of doing something halfway. She is addicted to aliveness and theatricality. Jess is a multidisciplinary artist: an actor, a musician, a writer, a director, a composer, a clown… all  of these things help with the other. Jess loves the feeling of leaving a theater, a show, a concert and feeling somehow transformed. She believes the artist has the ability to let people see inside them by leading them through a specific, cultivated, creative journey that speaks to some truth inside the artist themselves. She likes to reveal humanity’s gifts and flaws through art. The one thing that is better than making art is making art with other people. She loves to be a part of something with someone at sometime- give meaning to the meaningless.She likes to make things that call out the ridiculousness of life. 


Nancy Kimball (she/her) is an NYC-based actor originally from Northern California. While at NYU, she spent three years training at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. She trained extensively in modern realism, Shakespeare and other classical texts, as well as the Adler technique, voice and speech, on-camera technique, and movement. Her training culminated in a production of Polly Teale’s Brontë, where she took on the role of Charlotte Brontë. The play was adapted for Zoom amidst the COVID outbreak, which demanded experimentation with form and malleability. Kimball investigates how the stubborn strictures of contemporary life prevent people from articulating universal and personal truths. She often utilizes a plucky, overly deferential exterior to explore the masking of inner dissatisfaction, to find humor in this agonizing tension. As a performer and collaborator, Kimball’s work confronts seemingly unbearable emotions, refusing to take comfort in being in on the joke.


Char Nakashima-Conway is a playwright, performer, and poet originally from Oakland, California and currently based in Manhattan’s West Village. While she finishes her degrees in Drama and Creative Writing at New York University, she also works as a reader for the literary department of Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre. As a writer, Char is fascinated by stories of platonic or familial love, the mixed race/Japanese-American experience, digital subcultures, and ghosts/magic/uncanny things. Bringing these stories to life, and to light, is endlessly exciting to her. Char’s primary interest is working on new plays as a playwright, dramaturg, and performer. Perhaps — ideally — all at once.


Colombian actor, “dancer”, and performance artist. As an artist, César is passionate about the abstract and the raw portrayal of the here and now. To him, art is about capturing what is occurring in a specific present moment, not examining it or second guessing it, and simply allowing all of it to be released through movement or writing or any other creative approach. More specifically, as a “dancer”, César is drawn to the concept that “dance” need not be something that is rooted in rhythm or beats or flow but instead is anything that is rooted in life.


When Lolo thinks about the type of art he makes, the one word that always comes to his mind is "playful". He likes his audience to laugh and have fun while viewing any show he's written or had some influence in the creation of. Because of his passion for comic books and video games, he strives to create worlds that an audience can get lost in. Super powers, high action, fantasy, you name it - he tries to include it all. He's Puerto Rican born and raised so he dashes in a little bit of that whenever he can.


Brendan Schwartz (she/they/he) is a theater artist who finds joy in writing, acting, and moving. Brendan is especially interested in the creation of new works, using theater as a medium to explore the philosophy underlying everyday human life. They can often be seen playing with queer narratives, whimsical wordplay, and a small dash of magic. Anything that gets a roomful of people to stop and think about the slightly absurd nature of the lives we live is something they find worth exploring.