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This is your chance to become a founding member of the Emerging Theatre Artist Residency and The Hundredth Hill!

We need to raise at least $27,000 to get this project off the ground. We won't be able to do it without your help.


Pitch in what you can, and don't worry - you won't just be doing it out of the kindness of your heart. All contributors will receive a gift for contributing, ranging from a personalized thank you from Krista and the residents to an all-inclusive week-long stay in one of our cabins. You can check out our donation tiers below, and give using the PayPal button.


We thank you again for your support, and hope to see you around The Hundredth Hill soon!


raised of $27,000 goal

luna moth tier

Donors in the Luna Moth Tier will receive a personalized thank you video from Krista and the residents, as well as a free digital copy of all performances from the Emerging Theater Artist Residency.

$100 would buy a week of meals for one resident. $20 would buy the residents a couple of bottles of wine for when they really need a night off.


firefly tier

Donors in the Firefly Tier will receive, in addition to everything offered in the Luna Moth Tier, an exclusive invitation to watch a theatre rehearsal livestream at The Hundredth Hill, to be followed by a Q&A with the residents. Learn how the sausage is made.

$750 would fund an entire large project. $600 would pay for one resident's housing for the entire length of the program. $300 would pay for three weeks of meals for a resident.


cicada tier

Donors in the Cicada Tier, in addition to everything offered in the previous two tiers, will receive:


OPTION 1: Free admission to all Emerging Theater Artist Residency shows, as well as an exclusive invitation to the closing night party.

OPTION 2: Your name included on a forthcoming mural on The Hundredth Hill property commemorating the many donors who have helped this residency become a reality, and a tree planted at The Hundredth Hill in their honor, complete with a commemorative plaque. 


$3,500 would cover all production costs over the course of the residency. $1,500 would pay for housing for every single resident. 


dragonfly tier

Donors in the Dragonfly Tier will receive, in addition to everything offered in the previous tiers:


OPTION 1: A chance to join the residents at The Hundredth Hill for a night of socially distant conversation about the art of theatre, a five night all-inclusive stay at one of our cottages, and an exclusive invitation to the first designer run-through of each show we present.

OPTION 2: A luxurious basket of wine and snacks from a local Bloomington winery, and a hiking trail on the property named in your honor.

$7,500 would ensure that all residents and members of administration get a stipend for their work. 


monarch tier

Donors in the Monarch Tier get the whole shebang. In addition to everything above, those who can commit to paying for food for every artist for the entire residency will receive a curated recipe book from the residents, a private socially distanced meal with the residents, a one-week all-inclusive stay at one of our cottages (in lieu of the five day stay), and, if you don’t live within driving distance, free airfare that will bring you right to The Hundredth Hill.


$9,000 would cover all food costs for every resident for the duration of the residency. 


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