emerging theatre artist residency

Nine young, world-class, New York City theatre-makers. Paradigm-shifting new works. All in an emerging artist’s residency in rural Bloomington, IN.

To say that the coronavirus has changed the world around us would be an understatement of colossal proportions. It has altered how we interact with both strangers and loved ones alike. It has etched itself on the DNA of our cities. It has taken our most basic hopes and plans and supplanted them with doubt and uncertainty.

But in times of great struggle, there is also great opportunity. In a time where the hunger for theatre is greater than ever, in a time where there is a true need for theatre, there also exists a wide pool of talented young actors and directors, shut out of New York City, searching for a safe place to create the art we so desperately need. The Hundredth Hill is that place.

Taking advantage of the safety, space, and resources of rural Indiana, we’ve created a two and a half-month, nine-person artist’s residency that will allow talented young theatre-makers to both launch their careers and create thrilling new works displayed in a socially distant, outdoor setting in the vibrant college town of Bloomington.

These artists will be provided with free room, board, and food; free space with which to develop their pieces; and a small stipend. Taking every precaution to protect the participants – from frequent testing, to grocery delivery, to limited contact with the outside world – we will then open the grounds up for two full-length new works the first two weekends of October.

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