Home to Indiana University, Bloomington is known as the "Berkeley of the
Midwest". Despite its setting in rural Southern Indiana, the university boasts an
international community, and often hosts events such as The Lotus World Music and Arts Festival. It’s a small town with a big city art scene; world class performers, Grammy winners, and Nobel Prize recipients alike frequently visit Bloomington. And once you've gotten your fill of culture, it's an easy drive to both the Hoosier National Forest or one of Southern Indiana's many lakes and rivers.

Bloomington focuses on sustainable practices and encourages high-level community events and programming. It's home to a community orchard, delicious restaurants, world-class performance venues, as well as a host of great theaters, parks, and community biking trails. Farmers' markets run year-round, and a vibrant Historical Society keeps locals and visitors alike connected to Indiana’s past and future.

Bloomington is a standout in the Midwestern landscape, and its residents are more
than happy to tell you why. Just ask!

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